Tea and Technology

This year we are offering more 30 minute staff development Tea and Technology sessions! These informal, bite-sized sessions provide staff the chance to learn something new in just half an hour, whilst enjoying a complimentary cup of tea or coffee!

Bring Printed Materials to Life with Augmented Reality
Weds 1st March 10:30-11
augmented realityAugmented reality has increased in popularity recently, with crazes such as Pokémon Go capturing everyone’s attention. This session will look at an app which allows you to create your own augmented realities and make printed materials spring to life with digital content.

The Course Awakens: Find or Create Video
Thurs 4th May 10:30-11
In a classroom far, far away (JD13), Meet BOBa Fett and Princess LYNDA and learn how to harness this software alliance to combat the dark side. COLLABORATE with your students or colleagues wherever they are in the universe, use Lecture CAPTURE to ensure your teaching force is strong and guides your students, and meet C-3PO’s best droid friend the 360 cam!

Assistive Technology at Edge Hill
Mon 15th May 9-9:30
A range of Assistive Technologies are available to staff and students. This session will focus on Text to Speech software, which can be used to convert written text into spoken word, and can help with blended reading or proofreading. It will also cover Mind Mapping software, which is particularly useful for visual learners to plan tasks.

To book your place in any of these sessions, click here!

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    • Hi Julia – the rooms are in the booking link, all will be in JD13 apart from the Assistive Technologies one which will be in the Assistive Technology room in the library.