How to add your Rebus List to your Blackboard course menu

As staff get ready for a new term we have produced some helpful information about how to add your online reading list to module.

1. With Edit Mode on click the add menu item button on the top left of the course menu and select Web Link.



2. Enter the link Name: ‘Reading List’ and URL you have been emailed from Learning Services: and make: ‘Available to Users’.  Then click on Submit.  You can use the title ‘Reading List’ or something which you feel your students would recognise.rl2


3. This link will appear by default at the bottom of your course menu. Click on the drop down arrow to the right of the link name and select Set Link to Open in a New Window.



4. Finally, move the link so that it appears directly below: Module Information. (Hover over the item, click and drag into position).


This post is also available as a ‘Quick Guide‘.

If you have any questions please contact your subject liaison librarian.


Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager – Quality, Marketing and Communication

Get your own ‘Quick Hit’ video case study

Celebrate your success with Collaborate

We are creating a series of brief video case studies showcasing the success colleagues have been having with the Collaborate web conferencing system this year.Screen shot of YouTube video player

David Callaghan (also a member of the LTD team) is the first of a number of contributors to get involved from each Faculty (in his case Education).  Click on the YouTube image to see an example of the kind of short videos we are creating.

So, please let us know if you’d like your own case study, and watch out for the series that we’ll be launching in September. Call LTD Support on 01695 650754 or email [email protected].

Martin Baxter



Martin Baxter
Learning Technology Development Officer