• Technologies are an “absolute lifeline” for our students!

    Technologies are an “absolute lifeline” for our students!

    Blackboard Collaborate and discussion forums help build community and meet students’ emotional and learning needs. Readers of this Learning Edge blog will be familiar with our Best of TEL series, where we invite colleagues from across the university to guest author posts about their practice, to inform and inspire others. This post has a guest […]

  • Turnitin Grades – What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen!

    It’s that time again… marking. Very few would actually admit to enjoying marking reams of students’ work right after the Christmas break but it is a necessary (evil) task. And to make things worse, students seem to be finding their grades out early! How on Earth did that happen? You’ve done everything you thought you […]

  • Students, technology and study – still time to have your say!

    The 6th EHU student eLearning Survey is an important means of gathering large-scale, detailed feedback on how students experience technology in teaching and learning. Past surveys have contributed massively to our development and support of technology-enhanced learning. The current survey has a couple more weeks to run but the responses already reveal interesting trends that I […]