• Using Blackboard for collaborative writing

    Using Blackboard for collaborative writing

    By Rob Spence, Associate Head of Department – English & History In the Humanities, the written word is still the key method by which assessments are made, so it is crucial that students are adept at all aspects of writing. One issue with the emphasis on written assignments, however, is that they tend to be […]

  • Blackboard Exemplary Course Program 2013 Update: No sour grapes…really!

    Blackboard Exemplary Course Program 2013 Update: This year I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating closely with my colleagues to support and oversee our institutions’ debut submission of courses to the 2013 Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP). As mentioned in my first ECP post back in January, the aim of the program is to support the use of […]

  • Introducing Service Pack 12: A look at what’s next for Learning Edge – July 2013 upgrade

    Over the years, there have been significant system upgrades implemented to Learning Edge (Blackboard 9.1) which have added many new features as well as an improved overall user experience. The next upgrade to Learning Edge is scheduled for July 21st-22nd, 2013, this is when the system will be unavailable for a short time – However […]

  • Doing something different with data – using infographics to showcase your research

    The 5th EHU Student eLearning survey closed in the spring of this year and we will be sharing the full report and feedback shortly, but we wanted to highlight some of the headlines using infographics.  Using pictures to tell a story is nothing new but we have been looking over the past few months at how […]

  • Mobile Learn App – Emerging Cyclical Patterns of Use

    In the last 12 months, the Mobile Learn app has been used by nearly 14,000 staff and students, and this timeframe includes the quiet(er) summer months of June – Sept. We’ll need to revisit the data again in September to capture a picture for the full 2012-13 year but already we can start to see […]