For approximately 48 hours from Sunday 22nd July to Monday 23rd July, the Learning Edge system will be unavailable due to the Service Pack 8 upgrade that will be applied.

We have recently reported on what’s new in the upgrade.  You can find further details here:

Learning Technology have been working hard to ensure that the upgrade goes as smoothly as possibly, for this reason the Learning Technology Team Office will be closed whilst the upgrade is applied to allow time to carry out final testing (on 24th July).

Please can staff members who need to refer to content within Learning Edge over the 2 days ensure they have any items needed saved offline as no access will be guaranteed until Tuesday 24th July.  Please also let your students know if you think they may be affected by the downtime.

We hope that you will enjoy using the new-look system and new features once the upgrade is complete!  Please contact Learning Technology Development if you have any concerns:  [email protected]

Carol Chatten
Learning Technology Development Officer