Staff and Student access to courses within Blackboard CE8 will end on 30th June 2012; 70 days from today. By this time all users will be working in courses within Blackboard version 9.1.

Staff are advised to ensure they have planned for the end of CE8.
Have you got copies of your content?  Have you created any access reports on your students’ engagement that you might need? If you still need to download/transfer content from CE8 course areas into Learning Edge Blackboard 9.1 you should do so as soon as possible.Learning Edge login page screenshot

Before June 30th
Access to CE8 courses is available to areas that have requested and been granted extended access.

The archive process for CE8 courses began in January 2012 and all areas (except those with permission for extended access) were made unavailable. If you didn’t request extended access but realise you now require access to an old CE8 course area, this can be accommodated – please email [email protected] providing full details of the course that needs to be restored.

Beyond June 30th
Access to CE8 courses will not be available after June 30th 2012.

This end date is unfortunately non-negotiable.

All CE8 courses will be archived in the summer. Archived courses will be removed from the system and stored in a non-public deep archive for a maximum of 1 year. Course data may be retrieved from the archive only in exceptional circumstances.

A countdown clock has been added to the systems status table on the Learning Edge login page to help you plan for the end of access to Blackboard CE8.

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Meg Juss
Learning Technology Development Divisional Coordinator

If you have any questions please speak to your Learning Technology Development contact or email [email protected].