Creating accessible content is an important aspect to consider when putting content in Learning Edge. It is important to make sure information is easily available to everybody.

By using a simple tool from the Web to create content and using this in Learning Edge it can transform your course pages.

The tool can be found on the Web and it is a simple HTML Editor Tool which allows you to customise your content and differentiate content using colour schemes.

There are many HTML tools available but the one that has proved to be the most useful is shown below

HTML Editor

Example of content created using the HTML tool 

Image 3

Colour coding the text allows the students to differentiate different areas such as readings, links to audio files, videos, discussions etc. and makes it easy for them to access the information.

Readings are linked directly to the library catalogue for easy access and by using the Learning Module option from Learning Edge this allows for easy navigation by providing a contents area.

If you would like to find out more information on how you could use to this tool to enhance your course pages contact the Learning Development Team on 01695 650 754 (or internal 7754)

Irfan Mulla
Learning Technologist