As we all prepare for the new academic year, Learning Technology Development would like to invite colleagues to their new series of Emerging Technologies work shops.

The first of our new programme of work shops is on 7th September 2011 from  1.00pm 2.00pm. 

QR Codes: Are they Mainstream yet?

This quick, 1 hour interactive workshop will introduce participants to the world of Quick Response (QR) Codes these are 2D barcodes that can be scanned with a smart phone, iPod Touch or similar.  Anyone with a smart-phone can scan and read QR codes with the click of a camera, and anyone with access to a computer can generate QR codes themselves for free.

Workshop participants will have an opportunity to learn more about the potential of QR Codes and discover how to create their own. You won’t need a laptops but you will need to bring along your phone or mobile device (tablet, iPad etc. – make sure it has an inbuilt camera though).

If you wish to install a QR code app before arriving, you can start here: (You can use your PC or apps store for downloading).

This session links with the next session on Emerging Technologies about ‘Blackboard Mobile Learn’.  You can use the QR code reader software to download the Blackboard Mobile app!

Please book your place via HR Staff Development team

Email [email protected]

ps Learning Services has a QR code so our users can get quick, instant access to our website from their smart phone

Rachel Bury

Academic Liaison Manager for the Faculty of Health