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It was good to see so many local organisations and people come together with Edge Hill University staff and students at the ‘Sustainability in the Region’ event held on 6 November 2019 at New Church House in Ormskirk. Around 20 organisations were able to display and demonstrate their sustainability-related work with around 100 people who attended the event. There was also a programme of eight short stimulating presentations, as well as the chance to participate in behavioural research on sustainable thinking and practice. New links and connections between people were formed, mutual learning on sustainability was experienced, and there was strong feedback for us to continue this good work.


With this in mind, we would like to inform all interested people that with ISR’s support we have created SustainNET , a new sustainability network collective based at Edge Hill University (EHU) but one that is outward-looking and keen to involve local community partners.

SustainNET’s overarching aim is to undertake transformative work on sustainability themed research, knowledge-exchange, local community impact and curriculum development. More specific starting aims of SustainNET are currently to:

  • Establish a committed core of EHU staff to collaborate together on promoting and advancing the University’s work on sustainability studies, within the framework of the United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Develop and nurture inter-disciplinary collaboration on sustainability research and other forms of academic-related work at EHU
  • Promote the sustainability agenda generally at EHU in collaboration with Sustainability Champions, Students Union and relevant others
  • Promote and develop the integration of sustainability into EHU’s curriculum programmes, including continuous professional learning and in-service learning.
  • Establish EHU as a leading centre for sustainability studies both nationally and internationally in the longer-term
  • Develop links and relationships with relevant external (especially local) stakeholders to work together to help achieve the above aims, and improve the sustainability of EHU’s locality and local region

Please contact SustainNET ([email protected]) if you are interested in being part of this exciting new venture or would just like to know more.


You can also in the meantime listen to a series of short podcast recordings on SustainNET’s work being conducted at Edge Hill that were made shortly after the November 2019 Sustainability in the Region event. These are as follows:

  1. Christopher Dent (Business School) – Sustainable business, energy and trade
  2. Geoff Beattie (Psychology) – Implicit attitudes to sustainability and climate change
  3. John Sandars (Medical School / Health) – The links between good health and sustainability in the local region
  4. Paul Aplin (Geography) – Tracking environmental and climate change, with a focus on forests and peatlands
  5. Pam Brandwood (Facilities Management) – Sustainability: inter-linked issues and challenges
  6. Louise Hawxwell, Martin Ford, Becky Cleave (Education) – Teaching on and learning about the Sustainable Development Goals

Christopher Dent, Professor in Economics and International Business in the Business School at Edge Hill University.

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