• Walking the Walk: Including Ethnic Minorities in Green Initiatives

    Dr Zana Vathi As the press has recently highlighted, walking is both an expression as well as a means to develop positive relationships with the outdoors. But is the ‘outdoors’ a flat realm within the Anthropocene? The inequalities of urban inhabitation are widely known and talked about. Since COVID-19 blurred the boundaries of the private […]

  • Why a Blanket Macro Approach to Health Communication Won’t Cut it Anymore!

    Dr Ruxandra Trandafoiu The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed a number of health inequalities, particularly when it comes to ethnic minority groups. The Office for National Statistics reports that before the vaccine rollout, men and women of black ethnicity were more than four times likely to die from COVID-19 compared to people of white ethnicity. The […]

  • The Coup that Overthrew Democracy: The Black History Month Screening of ‘Wilmington on Fire’

    Dr Jenny Barrett If Black History Month seems like a recent American phenomenon, it may surprise you to know that Black History Month has its roots in a public history event in the US in February 1926 called “Negro History Week” which sought to endorse equality and celebrate Black achievement. Fifty years later it was […]

  • How the Biden Administration Can Take on White Supremacy

    By Heidi Beirich Taking the stage on January 20 for his inaugural speech in front of the American Capitol that had just been stormed by hundreds of right-wing extremists, President Joe Biden specifically called out the problem of white supremacy and the need to confront it. He denounced the “racism, nativism, fear, demonization” that propelled […]

  • Gendered Double Imbalances in Higher Education

    Some of you might have seen the Tweets and blogs making the rounds regarding the sexual harassment and exploitation (sexual and not) of female academics. I read them with a profound sense of knowing sadness: whilst I have been lucky to not be in these women’s places, the misogyny and gendered power imbalances are evident […]

  • Lockdown 2020 – The Impact on Social Care

    During this unprecedented lockdown, serious concerns have been raised across society about the social care of the country’s most marginalised and vulnerable groups; and the safety and protection of those who provide their care. Despite this, provisions within the Coronavirus Act 2020 undermine the Equality Act 2010 and the Care Act 2014, which guarantees disabled […]