Voulez-Vous semi-final 2…

We start the second semi-final with a run of rather pedestrian (similar) sounding songs. Handy for first-time viewers!

01 Malta Loop – Sarah Bonnici

As befits these semi-finals, they always start with a bit of a bop. Up-tempo stomping vibes, very familiar even if it’s your first listen. Perhaps a bit generic, but a decent opener…

02 Albania TITAN – BESA

Familiar vibes also for this song. Another generic mid-tempo bop…

03 Greece ZARI – Marina Satti

There’s a whiff of Laurie Anderson’s O Superman with that slightly computerised/vocoder vocal. That’s what sets it apart from the opening two songs, and the indigenous Greek pop vibes. Interesting enough to get through if the staging is good.

04 Switzerland The Code – Nemo

Ok, yeah – familiar vibes here too, but there are enough transitions in the song with the vocal, rapping and operatic vocal stylings to make it stand out. I think this and Croatia overlap in some ways. It’s a bit of a bonkers song (the Cha Cha Cha influence is in there, right?), but with at least three hooks it’s quite clever. I’m really looking forward to the performance on stage tonight (Thursday). One of the overall faves is deffo going through.

05 Czechia Pedestal – Aiko

This song transports me back to The Bangles, Sleeper, Transvission Vamp and Voice of the Beehive from the 80s and 90s. I like the melodic female retro rock vibe. Interesting track interruption towards the end where there’s a bit of a spoken argument. I’d like to see this go through…

BIG 6: France Mon Amour – Slimane

This song has been a well-fancied song since it was selected as the French entry.  As is Slimane himself! 😉 

It’s an impassioned ballad – one of the best. When France gets it right, they get it right. And yes… top ten with a good wind behind it. Btw, where are the wind machines this year? 

06 Austria We Will Rave – Kaleen

Taking some of us back to the summer of 1993 – we certainly will rave… again!

I’m sure I‘m not the only one one singing along to the chorus with these familiar lyrics:

Call him Mr Raider

Call him Mr Wrong

Call him Mr Vain

More than a whiff of Culture Beat’s Mr Vain. We’ll file this under retro dance pop. Get your glow sticks out for this one…

07 Denmark SAND – SABA

We’re back to generic pop again, and it takes too long to get to the chorus (as we have to get through the pre-chorus first). The ‘hand’ ‘sand’ rhyming is a bit obvs, and towards the end it’s all a bit shouty. Staging will be key to lift it…

08 Armenia Jako – LADANIVA

Yay, proper full-on ethnopop vibes. By now a drink might have been taken, so it might make the song even more joyous. It certainly stands out – and a wee ethnopop bop often does * very * well at Eurovision. There aren’t many, so it will probably get through…

09 Latvia Hollow – Dons 

In the bigger picture of 37 songs this year, we’re not swamped by ballads. This might struggle as it feels a bit phoned-in. Again, to make it to Saturday the staging needs to make it stand out. Might not…

BIG 6: Spain ZORRA – Nebulossa

I know this song is a bit marmite for some people. Well, as you know I love marmite, and I really like this. Let’s file this under retro disco diva europop, ladies who lunch. And fair play for Nebulossa representing as a mature performer. Loved it when the UK did that with Engelbert and Bonnie Tyler…

10 San Marino 11:11 – MEGARA

More female rock vibes. I don’t mind it, although the struggle is often real for San Marino…

11 Georgia Firefighter – Nutsa Buzaladze

Ok, get ready for the pyrotechnics on stage for this one, surely?! A good vocal with familiar vibes – a theme for this year. May well get through?

12 Belgium Before the Party’s Over – Mustii 

For me, this overlaps with Latvia, and there are now a few anthemic songs this year with choral backing singers. A bit meh as a result…

13 Estonia (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi – 5MIINUST x Puuluup

I can’t wait to see this performed. There’s an ear worm in there for me on the chorus. With the bpm, it’s bit of a bop. Again, appealingly quirky. I hope it gets through…

BIG 6: La noia – Angelina Mango

Next up is Italy’s pop princess. It feels too soon for Italy to host again, but this is a great dance-pop song. Again, it thumps along quite nicely. One of my favourites this year, and well-fancied in the betting odds (it has drifted a bit this week). Looking forward to seeing it performed tonight…

14 Israel Hurricane – Eden Golan

In this year’s song contest this is one of the best ballads for sure…

15 Norway Ulveham – Gåte

This song leaves me wanting more of a chorus. I know it’s in there, but the transitions and the shouty vocal leaves me a bit cold. I know some people love it. Maybe my ears will get it more when I see it tonight (Thursday)… 

16 The Netherlands Europapa – Joost Klein

A great song to finish on. We’re back to the 80s and 90s again here (yawn by now?). This time we’ve got Falco and 2 Unlimited (and others) in the mix. Yes, towards then end we get to the part when we can intuitively sing…

No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there’s no limit
No no, no no no no, no no no no, no no there’s no limit

Another bonkers song, and deliciously retro pop vibes to finish with.


That’s it. It feels like there are more songs in this semi-final that need to benefit from interesting staging to lift them. All three Big 6 songs tonight are good, so overall, for me, it’s five out of six – sorry Germany.

And for this semi-final, there are two things going on: a lot of retro and recycled vibes to the songs; and a few songs might cancel each other out. Whatever happens tonight, another ten songs will join the other sixteen in the grand final.

It’s an open contest this year, and it’s going to be interesting to see who makes it.

I will post again on Friday with my reactions… 

Ha det fantastiskt ikväll!

(have a brilliant time tonight)