ESC2024: the history book is back off the shelf…

Hello Eurofans!

I’m back with my blog, which was published for the first time way back in 2008. I’m glad to be back, re-energised after a fabulous ESC in Liverpool last year. The memories will linger. It was a special time, and it was the most watched ESC in the UK, ever. The BBC did a fab job, and set the bar for how the Swedish broadcaster, SVT, will build on that.

And oh how SVT seem to be doing that…

Well, my friends, the first footage of the stage for ESC2024 has just been released – and the reason for me realising I need to get started with the blog!

How amazing does this look… (click the link)

Amazing. The first time ESC will be been done ‘in the round’. Wow, just wow.

Musically, it’s a really strong year, as I’ll discuss with you on the blog.

I think it’s going to be a close call who will win. UK? No, not a chance. Early contenders: Switzerland, Croatia and Netherlands, although as we’ll see they kinda cancel each other out (although Switzerland is the best for me). Italy providing the diva vibes, Greece flavoured with Laurie Anderson’s O Superman is cool. Sweden are opening the final with a good pop song, but they have sent better versions of this song in previous years, so they won’t win a record eight win to pull ahead of Ireland this year.

So, welcome back regular readers, and hello newbies! Get involved and comment if you fancy. I won’t have the backstage scoop as I’m watching from home. And once again this year, as last, the European Broadcasting Union are keeping rehearsals under wraps, so I will see what you see. But I’ll still have an opinion. 😉

As always, if I can add a little something to your ESC experience this year – brilliant.

Underbart, hopefully!