ESC2019: keeping the dream alive…

There was no messing about last night. Less than five minutes into the broadcast the first act was on stage. 18 songs this time around.

I know I’ve joked about the lesser-spotted backing singers, but I would question why this happens. There were loads of performances where they were absent from the stage (Albania, Ireland, Croatia, Russia, Azerbaijan…). Why it is more interesting to have only the performer on stage unsupported and not interacting with anyone? Some of the performances were a bit boring as a result.

I don’t know what rehearsal footage I was watching for Malta, because what was on stage last night looked really different. I didn’t like the wee box she was in front of – it looked odd set against the impressive expanse of a backdrop.

They did tweak Denmark’s performance, having Leonora climb the ladder rather than just float onto the big chair. Loved it, but I thought they’d killed it off!

Somehow I managed to get 9/10 on my napkin of death (damn you North Macedonia!). How did you do – did your favourites make it through? I thought there was something missing from Sweden. The first time I haven’t had the wow factor from it – I think perhaps the camera shot’s aren’t as good as the Melodifestivalen, and it’s all a bit too dark in terms of lighting.  It’s dropped back in the betting, and Australia now replaces it as second favourite. Somehow The Netherlands clings on, after what is a very dull performance. That said, it is a great song.

So what did we learn form the second semi-final? …

There was a lot of spider-cam action again, as in the first semi-final (some peeps think it’s being over-used)

What the sand artist was doing on the backdrop for Moldova didn’t match what she was doing on the stage

Romania used every inch of the stage, not that it helped

Poor Ireland’s performance was a hot mess, wasn’t it

Some angel wings and a key change was a step too far for Croatia

Russia’s Sergei looked like a Ken doll trapped in that box

There was an appearance of the lesser-spotted wind machine (I loves me some wind machine action)

The interval act was inspired (did you have a little tear?)

Latvia’s singer Sabine’s eye makeup was so on fleek…

Overall another well-paced and well-produced show.

The ten countries progressing to the Grand Final are…

North Macedonia – Tamara Todevska with Proud

The Netherlands – Duncan Laurence with Arcade

Albania – Jonida Maliqi with Ktheju tokës

Sweden – John Lundvik with Too Late For Love

Russia – Sergey Lazarev with Scream

Azerbaijan – Chingiz with Truth

Denmark – Leonora with Love Is Forever

Norway – KEiiNO with Spirit In The Sky

Switzerland – Luca Hänni with She Got Me

Malta – Michela with Chameleon

I watched the BBC 4 broadcast last night, suffering through the cringe-inducing commentary from Rylan and Scott Mills. They added very little in terms of additional information about the artists and their songs. It seemed like they were amusing themselves – that thing when you laugh at what you’ve just said really show’s that you’re not actually funny, right? Thankfully we have Graham Norton on Saturday night – although depending on who has done his research and written his script, he can be off point at times.

The EBU have published the running order for the Grand Final (more of that to come on the blog on Saturday) and let’s just say it’s playing into the hands and favour of Australia and Switzerland, whilst perhaps killing-off Sweden’s chances. It’s going to make it a really exciting final. Bring it on!

I’m back next with a preview of the Big 5 and Israel.

🙂 xx

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Hi Vicky – thanks for reading and commenting again this year. Yes, it’s going to be a fab final – I really think it’s Australia’s to lose, but it’ll depend on the juries who will favour The Netherlands. Can’t wait. Yeah, another post tomoz to get me in the mood! 🙂

The annual ESC just wouldn’t be the same without your blog, Phil! I predicted 9/10 for the first semi-final, just 7/10 on the second. I’m loving Australia this year, totally bonkers, which is just essential Eurovision if you ask me! I also like Norway (who doesn’t like a Viking-esque chant?) and a few others (which countries they are, I can’t quite recall at the minute). As you say, it will be an interesting final on Saturday and I look forward to your take on it! Enjoy!!

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