ESC2017: Time to Celebrate!

Здравствуйте Eurofans!

It’s Eurovision week once again – and can you believe that it’s a year since I was in Stockholm for ESC2016. Following Jamala’s victory with the song 1944, the Eurovision Song Contest has has travelled to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.  I, however, will not be making the Eurofan pilgrimage to the wonderful ‘Eurovision bubble’, having decided last year that I would watch it from home. I did the same back in 2012 when I felt like a year off. It’s lots of fun being in the bubble, but sometimes it’s nice to chill and watch it on the telly with friends.

Whilst I am not travelling to Kyiv I will be posting my thoughts on the runners and riders in the contest this year. I probably say this every year,  but I’m not feeling terribly inspired by the songs this year, so it’s a good time to be watching from home, and not trapped in the arena. I’m lacking my Eurovision mojo, but hopefully with the first semi-final on Tuesday night, I’ll get inspired.

This year the theme of the ESC is ‘Celebrate Diversity’. True enough, you will find the sights and sounds of Eurovision show how diverse our music tastes and cultures are, and also how they overlap. You will hear numerous female power-ballads which all sound the same, and there are lots of contemporary pop songs. A couple of Ed Sheeran sound-a-likes, and only a small number of countries not singing in the English language, which kinda contradicts the diversity thing, right. That said, plenty to delight and confuse our eyes and ears over the 42 entries this year.

This is the 10th year that I will be blogging, so hopefully I can still add a little something to your Eurovision once again. Please comment and share your thoughts on who you think is going to win. Is it really going to be Italy? Is a man in a gorilla suit really the best novelty of the contest? More on that later…

I’ll start with my preview of the first semi-final. See if you think the same as I do, and as always it’s all about predicting the ‘napkin of death’, and the ten songs that will progress to the Grand Final on Saturday night.

Do pobačennja for now… 🙂

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