ESC2016: Hot in the city…

Heya from sweltering Stockholm!

And a very lycklig tisdag från Stockholm.

As is usually the case, whenever I travel I get slightly obsessed with the weather. I guess we all do. We have had lovely weather over the past few days in the UK, and the same seems to be true elsewhere on the continent, and in Stockholm.

This is my fifth visit to the city, and the first time when the weather isn’t freezing or suitably cold for the month of March (when I have been in town for Melodifestivalen). It’s a bit of a shock to the system – doesn’t feel like my normal Stockholm syndrome! In fact, talking to locals yesterday, they are similarly surprised by the heat. It’s so hot in the city!

Once again I am travelling with my dear friend and fellow Eurovision researcher, Prof. Brian Singleton. We were in Stockholm by mid-afternoon, and after a quick drop of our luggage at the hotel it was time to head to the Globe Arena to collect our accreditation, and then to check-in at the press centre. It really was a lovely day, and the venue is *stunning*…

arrive globeYep – that’s a globe arena for you!

The press centre seemed busier than in previous years for this stage in Eurovision Week…

press insideIt’s a nice working space, with a gentle buzz. We had arrived just at the first dress rehearsal was taking place, and it was being projected on the large screens in the press centre. I wasn’t paying much attention to it as we were attending the Jury Final last night. This was the first public dress rehearsal, and more importantly, it’s the occasion when the national juries vote.

Later today I will give you some thoughts on the action last night, ahead of the first semi-final this evening. Looks great, doesn’t it…

stageMore to follow this Tuesday… 😀




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