It feels like skuba duba dabda dididaj, skuba duba dabda dididaj…

It really does!

Those wise words are from the chorus to the Danish Entry, and they are inescapable this week, as you would expect. Walking down the street everyone is singing  “skuba duba dabda dididaj, skuba duba dabda dididaj, I love you”. Fans, kids, teens, me! I mean *everyone*. The song is really, really catchy, which makes me think that there’s a real possibility that we could be back in Denmark next year. It does sound and look like a Bruno Mars song, so the instant familiarity will be useful for those hearing the song for the first time tonight. And when you see it, the now familiar theme of togetherness and inclusivity is there for all to see…

2014-05-09 16.02.03-1

The dress rehearsal on Friday afternoon was fun. You will enjoy the flow of songs (hopefully now familiar to you all). It was the first full run through, and this year all 26 acts take to the stage at the start of the final. Here’s ‘our Molly’ taking to the stage…

2014-05-09 14.22.08For this rehearsal I was down in the standing area. I had a great view of the artists, with Molly standing next to me on the plinth with the other acts, including the Dutch act The Common Linnets. I wished Molly good luck and she seemed genuinely chuffed. Molly looks great, and styled a bit like Barbarella (to the left below)…

2014-05-09 14.22.45

Great news for Molly is that she will be the last song of the night. What better way to finish the performances, ahead of the public telephone vote, than with the main sentiment of the song – “Power to the People”.

The Icelandic song has grown on me this week. Pollapönk have been great fun this week, I hope they do well tonight, but if they don’t then they have made their point. As the lyrics suggest, “let’s do away with prejudice, don’t discriminate, tolerance is bliss”. Right on, Pollapönk!

2014-05-09 14.40.25

For fans of the Polish entry, the churning girl didn’t break character throughout the performance. There was a scramble in the pit for a photo. And a man behind me taking far too much interest…

2014-05-09 14.59.42

Our diva of the moment got a great reception once again. As I type this entry Conchita (Austria) is now second with the bookies…

2014-05-09 15.07.17

One of the things that the host broadcaster, DR, have got right this week is the trio of presenters. They’ve got natural chemistry, and they seem really into the competition. We have noticed that their script is constantly changing from rehearsal to live broadcast. In the dress rehearsal for semi one there was a skit about the rivalry between Denmark and Sweden in the Contest. This didn’t make it to the broadcast – perhaps we’ll get it on Saturday night. Lise, Pilou and Nikolaj have done a great job…

2014-05-09 15.16.59 2014-05-09 15.17.25

Sweden’s Sanna Nielsen has also done an amazing job performing her entry. I haven’t heard a bum note all week. The staging is great, and the song does everything it needs to to blow you away at the end. Sanna is currently the favourite to win. That’s great for her in this highly competitive field…

2014-05-09 15.19.11

Could Sanna be our winner? I’m finding my loyalties are pulled in all directions. I want Molly to win for the UK as this is the best song we have sent to ESC in years. Sweden is classy, but they won two years ago, so is it too soon? Austria is a great package all round, Denmark’s song is one of the best, The Netherlands is awesome too. Etc, etc. Europe has a big decision tonight, and it will make one.

Here is the full running order for tonight:

  1. Ukraine – Mariya Yaremchuk with Tik-Tock
  2. Belarus – Teo with Cheesecake
  3. Azerbaijan – Dilara Kazimova with Start a Fire
  4. Iceland – Pollapönk with No Prejudice
  5. Norway – Carl Espen with Silent Storm
  6. Romania – Paula Seling & OVI with Miracle
  7. Armenia – Aram MP3 with Not Alone
  8. Montenegro – Sergej Cetkovic with Moj Svijet
  9. Poland – Donatan & Cleo with My Slowianie – We Are Slavic
  10. Greece – Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd with Rise Up
  11. Austria – Conchita Wurst with Rise Like a Phoenix
  12. Germany – Elaiza with Is it right
  13. Sweden – Sanna Nielsen with Undo
  14. France – TWIN TWIN with Moustache
  15. Russia – Tolmachevy Sisters with Shine
  16. Italy – Emma with La Mia Città
  17. Slovenia – Tinkara Kova? with Round and Round
  18. Finland – Softengine with Something Better
  19. Spain – Ruth Lorenzo with Dancing in the Rain
  20. Switzerland – Sebalter with Hunter of Stars
  21. Hungary – András Kállay-Saunders with Running
  22. Malta – Firelight with Coming Home
  23. Denmark – Basim with Cliche Love Song
  24. The Netherlands – The Common Linnets with Calm After the Storm
  25. San Marino – Valentina Monetta with Maybe (Forse)
  26. United Kingdom – Molly with Children of the Universe

On Danish television already today there has been a morning of documentaries about the production of the show, and as I type there is a re-run of the semi-finals for the rest of the  afternoon – it’s nice to see it on the telly!

More chat from me ahead of the final later, but for now it’s all about a trip to see the little mermaid. I love that film…



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