It’s time for Malmö madness!

So here we go then, guys.  It’s the day of the ESC2013 Grand Final! How exciting!

So, where will we be off to Denmark next year? It’s looking highly likely!

I travelled back from Malmö yesterday, after a great week.  I am slightly exhausted (in a good way) as there are long (exciting) days when you’re there. I was up early every day to get to the Conference activities, and to cram in as much as I can into the week. This one was different than in previous years as my trip was much shorter. I usually go for the full week, staying for the final and then returning home. This year I have chosen to come home and watch the final on television, with my euro-buddies.  You know, it really is true – once you have seen the rehearsals and the semi-finals, you really have seen everything, so sitting through the final dress rehearsal a few times can remove some of the magic.

I’m looking forward to watching from home tonight with a few friends, including my travel companion this week, great friend and Eurovision scholar – Professor Brian Singleton, and my ‘Eurovision wife’ Rachel Rolfe – my bessy for all things Eurovision since the 1990s. There are things to look out for: Benny and Bjorn from Abba have collaborated with hot Swedish DJ/producer, Avicci on a new track – and we will hear that tonight – ‘citing. Hopefully Graham Norton will be entertaining in his commentary, and avoid the urge to take another step towards morphing into Wogan.

The final countdown has a list of songs that have been scheduled by the EBU. Upon qualification for the final, all countries randomly select their place in the first or second part of the draw.  It is then the choice of the EBU to determine the running order.  And they have done a great job. Over the course of the evening last night We listened to the songs back-to-back, and it is a great flow – not too many ballads bunched together. You will notice that the up-tempo sings and the ballads trade places – so the balance feels right.

Great that Ireland are performing last. I would have loved the UK to have been later in the draw, but coming off the back of Romania it sounds refreshingly low-key. Reports from the Jury Final suggest that Bonnie might not have on top form vocally, but got an amazing reception in the arena.  She’ll do us proud – and I’m sure, as Wogan would himself say – we’ll cheer her on with word and gesture.

There is a bit of a kafuffle in Turkey – who have chosen to not broadcast either the second semi-final, nor the final tonight. This is because of the kiss that the Finnish singer Krista has with the female backing singer. As I said in a recent post, there is a reason for this kiss – pop over to the ERN website and read Brian’s post about the story, here.

Anyway, let’s make way for the music! It’s going to be a great show, so enjoy yourselves and see you tomorrow for my final thoughts on the ESC2013, and our next destination…

01. France

02. Lithuania

03. Moldova

04. Finland

05. Spain

06. Belgium

07. Estonia

08. Belarus

09. Malta

10. Russia

11. Germany

12. Armenia

13. The Netherlands

14. Romania

15. United Kingdom

16. Sweden

17. Hungary

18. Denmark

19. Iceland

20. Azerbaijan

21. Greece

22. Ukraine

23. Italy

24. Norway

25. Georgia

26. Ireland

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Well, if Bonnie isn’t vocally on form, it will be tough coming after Romania.

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