Enter the ‘Napkin of Death’…

This evening you are receiving the predictions for the first ‘Napkin of Death’ from myself and Professor Brian Singleton. Here’s what we think will make it to the final on Saturday:

01 Austria NO YES
02 Estonia YES NO
03 Slovenia NO NO
04 Croatia NO NO
05 Denmark YES YES
06 Russia YES YES
07 Ukraine YES YES
08 The Netherlands YES YES
09 Montenegro NO YES
10 Lithuania NO YES
11 Belarus YES NO
12 Moldova YES YES
13 Ireland YES YES
14 Cyprus YES NO
15 Belgium NO NO
16 Serbia YES YES

So, see you on the other side – off for dinner now.  Don’t forget to watch tonight at 8.00pm on BBC3

Enjoy the show – get those snacks and drinks ready for what’s going to be a great show.