Once again Europe, can we have your votes please…

I’m a bit delayed in posting the “napkin of death” predictions – had a mad day marking (deadline tomorrow) and just about to head for food and drink – well, it is the second semi-final, drink will be needed!

I had a quick skype chat with Dr Eurovision  (he’ll be on at the end of the broadcast on BBC Three, so keep an eye out), Karen and Brian – but there was no time for us to collectively share our predictions for tonight – we’re all chocka.  That said, we’ll get our Eurovision groove on again for our final predications for the, erm, final on Saturday.

In the meantime, and with very little strategic thinking (my mind will probably change after a G&T later) here’s my napkin of death.  I think that the following will go through to the final:


The Netherlands




Sweden (yay – sound of schlager harps!)



Bosnia & Herzegovina


So, I’m not confident with this slection, but let’s see what happens.

And for those of you with your eye on the betting odds, the top 20 is now thus:


So, it’s an improving picture for the UK (hooray).

I have everything crossed for Loreen from Sweden – let’s see if she’s still the favorite later tonight.  Enjoy the show!