Magic Moments?

Thursday night in the Telanor arena was a more tense affair for the second semi-final of ESC 2010. This was seen as being the more competetive of the two,  with more than 10 songs having a better than good chance of making it through to the final on Saturday.

I thought that the sound in the arena was *shocking*, so I can only imagine what it might have sounded like at home. I think my napkin of death wasn’t too bad in the end, considering I have been changing my mind a lot. The only songs that haven’t budged from my list have been Sweden and Denmark.

I was very happy that  Denmark made it through with A Moment Like This, but with one song to go and Sweden AND Denmark still in the running, what a shame that Anna didn’t make it through. Let me tell you – that was a major shock here, and the Swedes (and a lot of us) were gutted. 

Even the supply of glow sticks couldn’t save the song.  As you can see I was very excited when it was time for us the play our part in the arena…

Show business is a cruel mistress, and by the end of the night this picture tells the story of  Sweden at the ESC this year…

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