Dress to Impress. Part Two

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No sooner had the dry ice faded and all hope has been lost for the seven counties sent packing on Tuesday night, it was time for the next batch of Eurocelebs to take to the stage for the first rehearsal of the second semi-final (you still with me?!).

The rehearsal on Wednesday afternoon was just for ‘us press people’ at the front of the arena. I took a few (dodgy) snaps and then gave up! I do, however, have some thoughts on all the songs that are on telly on Thursday night…


What a load of pants?? Yes! And undergarments!

A fun and quirky start to the second semi-final. If energy alone were enough to get to the final then this would be a shoe-in. Hope it does. Mind you, the big reveal underneath those Velcro-ed trousers might cost them votes…


I still haven’t got clue what this song is about. That said, she’s just belted it out at the dress rehearsal. It should get through, although there are loads of good songs that are suffering from overly fussy staging, of which this is one.


One of the best male singers in this competition strangely hit a bum note on the big key change. Pity, as other than that Harel is 10/10 for effort. My friend Apostolos hopes that he doesn’t faint on the night (that’s Harel, not Apo) – as that *big* note is fantastic.


Sound of schlager-harps! I had my close encounter with Channee and N’evergreen earlier in the week. I thought they did a good job on stage this afternoon. I hoped that it transferred to the telly, and when leaving the arena I was pleased to see that the reprise of the song for the recap has *that moment*, on the big key change. As in Belgrade and Moscow I will stay faithful to my pre-Contest fave – which is different to the song that I think will win, BTW.


Popular in the arena. But again, all rather fussy. Best thing? The backing singer with the HUGE afro!


This is seen by some as a good bet to win – has been steadily climbing with the bookies. I’ve always said that if Anna gives everyone in the arena a glow stick to wave in the air it’ll win. And do you know what… word has it that they are.


The hot favourite for months, this hasn’t quite transferred to the stage. It’s still a good song, but has got lost in translation a little.


I have to say that she pulled a blinder with the vocal, and might be a sleeper for Thursday night…


Not sure about this at all! What’s with the rather sinister child catcher overtones, and evil toys from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Surely this won’t get through? Finland did the whole herdy-snurdy-flurdy thing a lot better on Tuesday night and that didn’t make it. Oh, and the singer is only 17 – has she had a hard life, do you think?.


LOVE IT! Would it surprise you to know that there was FIRE and everything for this. Surely going to the final?

Let’s pause and remember the other time when we saw a man and a woman with a piano at Eurovision…

Aah – good times! That was Lynsey De Paul and Mike Moran doing the piaono-tastic Rock Bottom way back in 1977. I was seven, you know…


Doesn’t do it for me. But seeing some of the results you never know what’s going to happen here!


She’s Eurovision royalty (winning for Ireland back in 1993) and great value. Niamh can give it some welly, but will it do the job for Ireland? I’m not 100% sure. I have yet to hear her nail the last note, and that’s a worry. FYI: she’s wearing a purple frock, which I’m told is very brave with her colouring?


Very slick, covers all bases for fans of all persuasions. He’s tantastic in real life – does he look orange on the telly? If Albania got through I would imagine that this might.


Good performance. Will get loads of points from the UK, because we’re voting in this semi and the guy’s from Wales! Some weird diaspora going on there!


The Dixie Chicks – I mean Feminem – gave me my first ‘Euro-tingle’ of the day. Very strong, slick and I hope it gets those girls though after doing a rather dodgy job for Bosnia back in 2005.


Well I tell you – it’s a good job that Georgia put on a good show, otherwise all that free booze and food the other night would have gone to waste. Complex choreography and FAB vocals should see her to the final. I mean – that last note is stunning! Although the battle of the ballads might be the kiss of death for some tonight?


Turkey have sent this song to Eurovision before. Again, lots of effort with the staging but something doesn’t connect. I had thought is was a dead cert to get through to the final, but I’m not sure now. What do you think?

So that’s it for the first run through. No cock-ups, no gaps – unlike the broadcast on Wednesday night when there was a loooong continuity pause. I said earlier in the week that there were a load of balls here in Oslo, and I have a feeling that somebody had their’s handed to the producer on a plate the other night!