Here we go again – our second semi-final predictions…

It’s 19:00hrs local time on Thursday evening – and I’ve had an awesome day – I met Chiara, the Maltese singer, at the recording of a TV special that will be broadcast on Maltese TV tomorrow night.  It was fun and also a little surreal.  She was lovely – but more about that on the Boom Bang  A Blog in the morning.  We’re off for dinner now, and then off to the second-semi final.  Remember, I’m on row five!

Apologies to the local radio producers trying to track me down – I will return all calls/e-mails after the semi-final tonight!

Here are ‘team Moscow’s’ predications for tonight.  Once again, exclusively brought to you by Boom Bang A Blog, and my good friend Jamie McLoughlin…

* * *

It’s time for the Moscow BBAB jury to once again implement the napkin of death…. Moo, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


We did fairly well on Tuesday – but tonight is a weaker selection (in our opinion – we’ve sat through the rehearsals already!), and so our Midas touch my have to be retired!  Karen, Toni and I are joined by guest judge, Brian Singleton. Here’s the scores on the doors for the semi-final tonight…



01  Croatia


Brian and Phil: YES!  Karen and Toni: NO!


02 Ireland

We all say: YES!


03 Latvia

We all say: NO!


04 Serbia

We all say: NO!


5 Poland

We all say: NO!


06 Norway

We all say: YES!


07 Cyprus

We all say: NO!


08 Slovakia

We all say: NO!


09 Denmark

Karen and Toni: YES!  Phil and Brian: NO!


10 Slovenia

Phil: YES!  Karen, Toni and Brian: NO!


11 Hungary

We all say: NO!


12 Azerbaijan

We all say: YES!


13 Greece

We all say: YES!


14 Lithuania

We all say: YES!


15 Moldova

We all say: YES!


16 Albania

Brian and Toni: YES!  Karen and Phil: NO!


17 Ukraine

We all say: YES!


18 Estonia

Phil, Karen and Toni: YES!  Brian: NO!


19 The Netherlands

Brian and Karen: YES!  Phil and Toni: NO!

* * *

Enjoy – and play along at home…


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I saw you too Phil – twice! Was really funny when you clocked the camera looming. You did this little side glance to the right – very cute! And what happended to the ‘ginger’ – you’re blonde again! I agree with Rachel – Cyprus, whilst a bit fluffy, is really sweet. I like it. I also like Estonia – very professional – nice voice and song. And good luck to her for not pretending to be a UK punk! Poor old Slovenia. That music’s really catchy (would make a great film cover) then the stupid woman breaks out of the plastic box and spoils it with her rubbish voice! And Hungary…what a likkle mover. Magic!

I want to see you up dancing tomorrow night Jackson! Have a ding dong night! x :0)



Ellen saw you first and then we all saw you!!!!


You’ve been seen by millions of people!! And, as Bette would say ‘you look goooood!!’

BTW Phil

You and Chiara!!! Sound of Harps and Eurovision fanfare!!
We are not worthy.

Keep up the good work.

Glad someone else has notice Denmark’s missing horse!!

Another good show, more ropey vocals than on Tuesday. Much as I love Sakis his backing singers were stronger than he was, but I love his bravado. There is still a little something of the psycho about Norway but I like that 😉

I’m glad Estonia got through. Me and Ellen both liked Cyprus but it’s a bit too sweet and fluffy and ultimately forgetable to get through- shame.

I only got 6 right but that’s consistent – got 6 on Tuesday too.

Hello all,

I’ve been watching Song for Europe and Eurovsion since the early days – Dr Who sets, flares, mullets, etc., I’ve seen the lot. And as for Waterloo, you really had to be there! But, just when we thought this was a song competition, we’ve seen UK song writers gradually marginalised over the years – long live BASCA!!! Clearly Britain, or the BBC, is desperate to win, but the song is shit, and Jade is out classed. And with Graham Norton to add insult to the injury, this is an event in demise.

I feel compelled to send my condolences for having to sit through Hungary – god, that was a bad song and a bad singer (though his arms were nice…). Very pitchy. In comparison Azerbaijan sounds like a winner. Great song! Greece is good too! And I like their routine.
I know Wogan was bad, but I miss the occassional comment about, for example, the Danish singer’s constant horse stance (no questions about his masculininity there).

Anyway, hope you are all having a fab time! We are all jealous!

Hi Phil
Sounds like you’re having a hoot! After seeing the semis the other night, I’d say if the votes go for ballad – definitely Chiara! She’s got the strongest voice and the song is ok. Iceland is actually quite nice – a bit countryish? but I still don’t like ours (sorry – naff song and voice not as strong!).

If they go for Boom Bang then it’s a toss up between Harry Potter (Norway) and Beyonce (Turkey) (I need to hear Norway again.) But never mind that – get me the phone numbers of those gorgeous twins with the floppy manes immediately from (oh I can’t remember – was too busy drooling)! If they won’t cough up then mister Switzerland with floppy fringe will do. Also, just when I was despairing about the modernity of it all…along came Portugal, with a little touch of the 70’s – bless their little wooly jumpers. And of course for sheer audacity and hootability: Bulgaria and Czech Republic. Enjoy the rest of the week. Oh and PS – tell Andrey to take a powder and calm down before he self-combusts ;0)

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