Sam Colson

BSc (Hons) Marketing with Digital Communications

“From the very beginning of the course we have been encouraged to think outside the box and be creative.”

My journey into higher education and my decision to study marketing at university started when I fell in love with my GCSE Business Studies course. The idea of setting up my own business appealed to me and it quickly became one of my favourite subjects. Therefore, when it came to choosing my A Level subjects, it was no contest that business studies would be one of my options. In my A level course, we had to analyse and look at the marketing efforts of the entertainments company Merlin Entertainments. I quickly learnt that marketing was not only one of the most important aspects of a business, but was also the part of business I wanted to go into when looking for a job.

My favourite part of my university course is the fact that the Business School offers so many opportunities that not only make us more employable but allow us to get involved more with the university and undertake activities we can put on our CV. In my first year, I applied to be a student representative, and as a result, I represent my year’s marketing students in meetings with the lecturers and staff in the Business School. I have also taken part in an International Collaboration in a marketing exercise with visiting students from The Netherlands.   From the very beginning of the course we have been encouraged to think outside the box and be creative. One of our first exercises was the “Reimagining Ormskirk Task,” where, in groups we had to come up with ideas to reform the traditional market town for today’s consumer using a range of marketing techniques. This was a really interesting experience and a great introduction to my course, not least because my team won the task! It definitely reaffirmed that marketing is the subject I wanted to study and the career I want to pursue after graduation.

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