About us

In the spring of 2018, the Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice (I4P) provided some funding to host a series of exploratory meetings around the possibility of setting up a new inter-disciplinary, cross-faculty research network.  The initial overture was made on the basis of interest and relevance of action and action-oriented research approaches, and the underpinning principles such research espouses.

Meetings took place in the spring and summer term, during which time a group of people representing all three faculties, and a range of stages of research experiences and expertise, agreed to formally constitute themselves as a research network as part of I4P.

These meetings clarified for us that our unifying features were neither substantive and discipline-specific, nor exclusively aligned to specific research methodologies.  Rather, we, as a group, felt motivated by our principles and purposes in research.  We used this as a means of generating our network name, drawing on the language and axiology of our discussions.

C: collaborative, creative,critical

R: radical

E: emancipatory, empowering

A: action, action-oriented, activist,

T: traversing, truthfulness

E: ethical, educative,  at-the-edges,