Last week saw the first and second year Animation students going on the annual trip to Wales staying in Llandudno with a day out trip to Betws y Coed where the students got into drawing and capturing audio. The idea of having the trip at the beginning of the year is for it to be partly a social ice-breaker for the students to get to know each other including for the 1st years to meet and get to know the 2nd years.

It wasn’t just the students who were looking to be sociable but also a friendly young seal who managed to bounce their way using their stomach up the beach. The students looked after the seal whilst the RSPCA came to its rescue, carefully transferring the seal back into the sea. Maybe the seal was wanting to get into animation after hearing about the Animation Course at Edge Hill University.

A young seal on the beach at Llandudno
A young seal on the beach at Llandudno

The seal first appears on the beach at Llandudno

The seal then manages to get itself up off the beach and onto the walkway that runs alongside the beach where its looked after by 1st year Edge Hill animation students

Seal at Llandudno beach looking relaxed
The friendly seal takes a breather relaxing on the beach
The seal relaxing on the beach sealed and delivered

Anyone for a joke that has a seal of approval

Q: Why do seals swim in salt water?
A: Because pepper water would make them sneeze