Mike McCartney younger brother to Paul and known as Mike McGear and a key member of the famous Liverpool band ‘The Scaffold’ as well as being a prolific photographer. Has come to Edge Hill Animation in order to bring to life his ‘Weirdo’ series of sketches. Animation alumni Peter Miller has been drafted in as the perfect 2D animator to bring Mike’s ‘Weirdo’ sketches to life.

Mike seen here recording the voices for his ‘Weirdo’ series of sketches in Edge Hill’s Media Department sound studios.

Mike McCartney recording the voices for his 'Weirdo' series of sketches

Starting next week Edge Hill animation alumni Peter Miller, as seen here with Mike, will be bringing Mr McCartney’s drawings to life in the form of a series of short animations. More to come…

Mike McCartney with Animation alumni Peter Miller

To see more about Mike’s ‘The Weirdos’ take a look at his Facebook page.The Weirdos

To see Peter Miller’s final year work see the following link.