Students on the the 3rd year module ‘Showreel and Enterprise’ module visited Liverpool to have a look at the studios/offices of the design and innovation company Uniform in Liverpool.

3rd year visit to Uniform in Liverpool

I think it safe to say that everyone who went on this visit was mightily impressed with Uniform in terms of the work they do, the people who work there and in terms of the space itself. The students whilst there were given a studio tour that included being shown the work that Uniform undertakes in terms of research and development including 3D product design that relates to innovation including Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Also we had a presentation that directly related to Uniform’s animation and short promo video’s work for client’s. The students from the visit students gained an invaluable insights into the Creative Industry and employability.

3rd year animation students visit Uniform in Liverpool

3rd year animation edge hill university students visit Uniform in Liverpool

This link prehaps best describes the ethos and what a fascinating company Uniform is

Link to article about Uniform’s office space

The visit was made possible through the support of Glorybox