Author(s): Rogers S.N.; Lowe D.; Ahiaku S.

Source: British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; 2017

Publication Date: 2017

Publication Type(s): Article In Press

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Abstract:The head and neck cancer Patient Concerns Inventory (PCI-HN) is a holistic, self-reported list of items that can help patients to disclose their needs and concerns during routine follow-up consultations. The aim of this study was to report how often it was used during the first three years of follow up after treatment for oral cancer, and the range of issues that were raised. The sample comprised consecutive patients treated over a three-year period with curative intent. All clinic attendances were reviewed until October 2015 or until patients had a recurrence, a subsequent primary, metastases, or were discharged home or to follow up at a peripheral hospital, or started palliative care. We identified 92 patients and data were available for 88 of them. The median (IQR) age at the time of treatment was 65 (57-76) years, and 48 (55%) were men. Reviews alternated between the surgeon and oncologist, and typically there were 4.4 surgical reviews in year one, 2.8 in year two, and 1.6 in year three. The inventory was completed 157 times; at least once by 71% (55/77) during year one, 57% (29/51) during year two, and 37% (13/35) during year three. Of those who completed none, nearly half (7/17) died within 12 months, and another six were over 80 years of age. In conclusion, the diversity of concerns raised by patients highlights the need for holistic assessment during follow up, and integration of the inventory into routine consultations will mean that we can repeat it.

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Database: EMBASE

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