Author(s): Moore R.; Griffin C.; Magilton Griffin L.

Source: Ultrasound; May 2017; vol. 25 (no. 2)

Publication Date: May 2017

Publication Type(s): Conference Abstract

Abstract:There is a large crossover of the presentation of the standard ‘fatty lump’ across multiple disciplines within ultrasound practice. These are seen routinely in head and neck, breast, musculoskeletal (MSK) and general medical ultrasound requests. The purpose of this poster is to aid standardisation of the assessment and diagnosis of the benign lipoma. This presentation includes an overview of the normal ultrasound characteristics of a typical lipoma. These include size, shape, location, vascularity and echogenicity in order to help ultrasound practitioners assess these lesions to produce a consistent and structured report. The reporting of a ‘typical’ lipoma is something that should not be taken lightly as there can be multiple complex features and differential diagnoses that also need to be considered. The aim of this poster is to ensure that ultrasound practitioners are aware of the most common benign features so that it is easy to recognise the lesions that require a more specialist review or complimentary imaging. This poster is a collaboration of highly specialist Ultrasound Advanced Practitioners (of different disciplines), to ensure that all aspects of this common ultrasound finding are reviewed and described in terms that a range of ultrasound practitioners are familiar with. Whilst a typical lipoma can be a finding on almost any ultrasound list, the assessment and reporting of these benign lesions can vary and a standardised approach can aid in these common but complex lesions.

Database: EMBASE

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