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Poster # 1 – by Sophie Gibney and Sara Mursic

Out of the Box, Into the Green

Out of the Box, Into the Green: Exploring the Experience of Neurodivergent Students Learning Outdoors, by Sophie Gibney


Poster #2 – by Ben Broadhurst

Image of Masters by Research poster with direct link to website.

Master by Research- Betwixt and between identities: navigating the narratives of LGBTQ+ pre-service teachers’ experiences, by Ben Broadhurst.


Poster #3 – by Daniel Hatton and Dr Sara Mursić

Image of Enhancing Social and Emotional Development poster with a link to the website.

Enhancing Social and Emotional Development of Autistic Students through Touch-Activated Hexagon Lights: A Pilot Study, by Daniel Hatton and Dr Sarah Mursić.


Poster #4 – by Rebecca Ledward and Dr Sarah Mursić

Enhancing Phonics Instruction for Autistic Students: An Exploration of Dual Coding Theory and the Chatta Approach, by Rebecca Ledward and Dr Sarah Mursić.


Poster #5 – by Dr Sarah Mursić and Mica Jayne Coleman Jones

Exploring The Role of Comic Books In Enhancing Educational Equity For Autistic Students: A Family Perspective, by Dr Sarah Mursić and Mica Jayne Coleman Jones.