The 2023 Annual Conference for Research in Education (ACRE) at Edge Hill University offered a forum for exploring critical engagements through research with broad issues of equity in education. The conference encompassed all phases of education, from the early years to adult learners, embracing both formal and non-formal educational settings and sectors. A selection of ACRE 2023 presenters have written blog posts to share their valuable research with a wider audience beyond the in-person conference. The blogs in this series represent various views about how we might we seek equity by critically engaging in educational research.

Rachel Wilcock and Aston Monro discuss their work on including children and young people’s voice in school-based mental health programmes. They have actively adopted an ‘equitable and experientially-informed co-produced approach’ through their involvement with the Tackling the Blues programme (a sport, art and education-based mental health literacy programme).

Andy Watkins portrays the benefits of using video technology in the classroom. After reflection upon the affordances of the approach, Andy advocates for teachers to become more willing and open to embracing the practice.

Silvia Cont and Dr Karen Boardman share their use of the Research Circle approach as a way to enact social justice values through research practice. Benefits of the approach are highlighted and situated within an Early Years context.

Katie Ormrod portrays the importance of Food Banks – of particular significance in the current context of the ‘cost of living’ crisis in Britain. Katie has identified the potential of Food Banks become a space for people to engage with critical global citizenship education, promoting critical engagement with the wider world.

Dr Jane Calcutt discusses the relevance and importance of mindfulness in the English primary school context. Jane reflects upon her own research and highlights the benefits for children who engage with the approach.

We invite you to find out more about each of the author’s work by engaging with the individual blog posts in this section.

Dr Anna Mariguddi and Professor Peter Hick, Conference Leads.

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