Dr John Cater welcomes the delegates

Dr John Cater

Dr John Cater

Dr John Cater the Vice Chancellor of  Edge Hill University warmly welcomed the delegates to the second Widening Participation Research Centre Conference.  He reminded us that the values of equity and equality are important to all cultures but they can be defined in very different ways by policy makers.  He went on to passionately defend the practice-based  research approach as it can make a difference to people’s lives and he believes is undervalued by the funding organisations.  He concluded his introduction by underlining the fact that Edge Hill actively supports widening participation in a variety of ways and levels.

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Mainstreaming Equality in Higher Education Conference.  

Questions for the panel?


Our conference ‘ Mainstreaming Equality in Higher Education? will include a panel discussion on the role of research to theory, policy and practice of equality in Higher Education.


Research presented at this conference will ask questions about the extent to which equality is mainstreamed in higher education.  Participants will have opportunities to discuss if and how the notion ‘top down policy implementation’ is limiting cultural change and if a notion of ‘practice to policy’ can provide opportunities for engagement with the issues, spaces to develop innovative educational practice and contribute to institutional policies based on stronger understandings of (in)equalities. How can innovative educational practice by a range of stakeholders influence meaningful national and institutional policy?


Do you have a question to put to our panel?


Professor Kathleen Lynch, Equality Studies Centre, UCD

Researching equality in higher education: theory to action


Dr Mary Tupan-Wenno, President of European Access Network

Research and advocacy: building inclusive curricula in Europe


Stuart Speeden, Centre for Local Policy Studies

Managing equalities in Higher Education


Professor Liz Thomas, Widening Participation Research Centre

The links between research, policy and practice


The discussion will be chaired by Professor John Diamond