Widening Participation Research Centre: Knowledge Exchange Seminar

Communicating Climate Change: Wider participation in knowledge exchange partnerships


Thursday 25th June 2009

Department of Natural Geographical and Applied Sciences

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire


Everyone can participate in communicating knowledge about climate change but how do we make knowledge exchange real? What scientific knowledge do we have and how do we share that knowledge? How do young people get involved? What motivates us to communicate our ideas for action? What are ways can we build partnerships between researchers, practitioners, schools and communities?


This collaborative seminar will explore how knowledge exchange, research and education can be effective in communicating climate change and how we can use local knowledge resources to enhance and support an ethos of sustainable development in our work.


Perspectives from researchers, practitioners and young campaigners will help us debate these issues. Perspectives will be offered from


·         Inderdeep Cheema on the British Council: Climate Change Young Champions programme

·         Dr Laura Grant on working with city populations on the Zero Carbon City Global Campaign

·         Graham Lymbery from the Coastal Defence Team on working with community knowledge

·         Professor Ann Worsley on European coastal research: knowledge exchange between communities, schools and universities


Join the debate!


Angie Daly                dalya@edgehill.ac.uk

Annie Worsley          Worsleya@edgehill.ac.uk

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