Stuart Speeden – Keynote Speaker

Stuart Speeden

Stuart Speeden

Stuart Speeden is the Director of the Centre for Local Policy Studies and he emphasised that the work of the Centre is based on the mainstreaming of equality within a variety of organisations but with a focus on the public and voluntary sectors.  He discussed the general and specific duties regarding equality of opportunity that have been placed on public bodies by legislation over the past ten years and the kinds of approaches that can be taken to address institutional discrimination and barriers in undertaking these duties.  One of the ways in which this can be done is by the Equalities Standard which was designed by Stuart in collaboration with Dr Julian Clarke.  Many Local Authorities and other organisations use the Equalities Standard to assess the level to which they are engaging in equal opportunities.  He went on to link this to widening participation in educational institutions and how mainstreaming equality can be used to address the issues raised by Mary in her keynote speech.

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