Research Paper Session – Knowing our communities

This presentation of research and evidence based papers was chaired by Angie Daly. Dr Eamon O’Doherty, Research Development Officer from the Higher Education Research Centre, University of Salford presented ‘Sites of Engagement in Education and Working Class Adults Voices’; Sue Hatt from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of the West of England presented “Exploring the ‘known
unknowns’: A study of UCAS data; Dr Liza van Zyl from the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, University of Glamorgan presented “’Can’t they go to someone else’s lecture!’ – Challenging the barriers to widening participation”; and Margaret Hart, Head of Widening Participation, The Open University and Sarah Wilkinson, Community Partnerships Manager, The Open University in the North West presented “Tackling the access and attainment gap for students from low socio-economic groups: how practice in communities is influencing policy in the Open University. Extracts from these papers can be found on the blog.

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