Professor Kathleen Lynch – Keynote Speaker

Professor Kathleen Lynch

Professor Kathleen Lynch

Professor Kathleen Lynch from the Equality Studies Centre, School of Social Justice, University College, Dublin is an activist academic who is committed to widening participation into Higher Education.  Her closely argued speech outlined the global movement towards the commercialisation of Higher Education and the negative impacts that this has had on other areas of publically funded programmes such as those that are aimed at widening participation and the effects this commercialisation has had on academic research.    She went on to describe the ways in which university rankings and league tables are driven and controlled by commercialisation.  Kathleen concluded by saying that if we are really committed to equality of opportunity then other values must be taken into account; the focus needs to change; and that the hierarchical culture needs to be addressed.

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2 thoughts on “Professor Kathleen Lynch – Keynote Speaker

  1. Thought provoking stuff that echos the concerns of many academics in the UK – much research is now discouraged if the ‘bottom line’ is not deemed sufficient. The UK seems to suffer particularly due to being in an ideological ‘no-man’s land’ between US and Europe – this is a major problem for the country as a whole not just HE I feel.

  2. I thought this was a wonderful presentation. I particularly liked the critique of ‘academic capitalism’ and the ‘academic entrepreneur’. It does raise the question of whether we should be trying to publish research in international journals which are owned and controlled by media groups (who therefore control what counts as research). As HE is a public service, its research output should be publically available, and not controlled by powerful media groups.

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