Plenary – Chair Professor John Diamond

Prof. john Diamond

Prof. John Diamond


John started the session by reminding delegates of the context of the workshop sessions such as whether the ways in which public sector organisations have to examine providing equality in the totality of their operations can translate to Higher Education:  Whether we understand completely how individuals from ethnic minorities are drawn into and supported within the Higher Education system: How commercialisation is affecting the sector and the rise of New Managerialism: and how this needs to be understood within a much broader canvas of post 9/11, the implosion of the financial sector and the economy, and the wishful ideal of increasing the numbers of students within the UK Higher Education system given these ongoing problems.  There was a very impassioned debate regarding how institutions structure and restructure themselves and the feedback from the workshops was that the papers had had a very positive impact on those taking part and they felt that rather than feeling isolated in trying to widen participation they realised that there were lots of like minded people out there and that networks both within institutions and between institutions would become increasingly important in moving this work from the periphery to the centre of policy and practice.

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