Mary Tupan-Wenno – Keynote Speaker

Dr Mary Tupan-Wenno

Dr Mary Tupan-Wenno

Mary Tupan-Wenno is the President of the European Access Network which is the only European-wide, non-organisational organisation for widening participation in Higher Education.  Mary shared some of the reseach that has been recently undertaken within Europe that addressed how different countries deal with the education of immigrants.  This research focused on Higher Education and found that there was very little information on inequities within tertiary education and little emphasis on collecting information on the equity of outcome.  Of the data that was available it was shown was that there was a particular relationship between socio-economic background and participation in Higher Education and that in some countries there were serious challenges to the inclusion of ethnic minorities. Mary went on to discuss further research from several countries that focused on how these issues could be addressed and investigated what support mechanisms are necessary for successful participation.

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