WordPress 3.3

We've just upgraded WordPress to version 3.3 on the blogs.edgehill.ac.uk site. Take a look at some of the new features: If everything goes well we will be upgrading WordPress-powered sites on the corporate website early in the new year, ignoring this helpful advice from Twitter 🙂 https://twitter.com/lgladdy/statuses/146142135954051072

WordPress 3.2

We've just upgraded our blogging system to the latest version of WordPress - version 3.2. Currently this is just for the blogging network but we'll be testing and rolling it out to WordPress powered sites that are part of the corporate website. Check out some of the new features in this video from WordPress.tv: http://wordpress.tv/2011/07/04/introducing-wordpress-3-2-gershwin/ … Continue reading WordPress 3.2

Department of Psychology website

Yesterday we launched a new website for the Department of Psychology. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikenolan/5841573955/ It's our first live fully integrated WordPress website and starts to show what's possible. It's taken less than two days to create and while some content was migrated from the DSAPS website in that time we also implemented a new WordPress homepage template … Continue reading Department of Psychology website

OMAC (Word)Pressing on

It's been a quiet few months on the Web Services blog but there's been load going on behind slightly ajar doors! In December we launched the Online Marketing and Communications (OMAC) Project with five strands: Site navigation, structure and homepage Academic department websites Marketing content Student recruitment and conversion Mobile and social media Over the … Continue reading OMAC (Word)Pressing on

WordPress MU 2.9.1

We've just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress MU - the system that powered blogs.edgehill.ac.uk. You can see that latest features in this video: http://wordpress.tv/2009/12/21/introducing-wordpress-2-9-%E2%80%93-carmen/ That video was embedded using one of the coolest new features in WordPress 2.9.1 - oEmbed. oEmbed is a way of websites sharing information about how content should be … Continue reading WordPress MU 2.9.1

Desktop blogging with Windows Live Writer

For most of the time we’ve had this blog I’ve used the online editor built into WordPress. I’ve dabbled with the WordPress iPhone application but it’s only good for posting the odd photo and not the in-depth posts readers expect. I’d heard of tools that allowed you to draft posts offline but never really thought … Continue reading Desktop blogging with Windows Live Writer