Live Blogging the Budget

This week's budget gave a good opportunity to see how different news organisations handled live reporting on their websites so I did a quick scan through a few TV and newspaper websites and screen grabbed what I could see. The reason I'm interested is that the 125 anniversary has provided an opportunity for a large … Continue reading Live Blogging the Budget

Video, Silverlight and jQuery

During our 25 days of blogging last year, Sam talked about some of the new websites designs that we've been working on.  The 125 website was the first to go live last month and today we have released the website accompanying the exhibition for a new sports development. For both sites we've developed some new ways of … Continue reading Video, Silverlight and jQuery

WordPress MU 2.9.1

We've just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress MU - the system that powered You can see that latest features in this video: That video was embedded using one of the coolest new features in WordPress 2.9.1 - oEmbed. oEmbed is a way of websites sharing information about how content should be … Continue reading WordPress MU 2.9.1

Tom Scott on graphs, Hans Zimmer, Eurovision and tea cosies

I've seen Tom Scott do presentations before at various BarCamps and they're always pretty fun. He's just published this video from Thinking Digital in May where he makes great use of graphs to get his points across. I've mentioned it before, but I love the last slide - it's how I try to live my … Continue reading Tom Scott on graphs, Hans Zimmer, Eurovision and tea cosies