Choice Part 3: Design Objectives


The main objective of the redesign was to include the :choice branding, and to create a consistent visual association with the printed prospectus. We hope to establish a look and feel that will continue in forthcoming marketing campaigns.

For this project we have collaborated with Splinter, a Liverpool based design agency. We now hopefully have a style guide that works online and in print, playing to the strengths of both mediums.

Structural Changes

We have redeveloped the Study area of the site, News and Events, and the online prospectus:

Each area has a homepage with a relevant interface. Study for example is aimed at prospective students; it is for marketing the university and is very visual, highlighting the campus, facilities and student life. The Courses area only includes course specific search options, and information.

We would like every area of the site to have a strong and relevant homepage, this will be part of the next phase of the project.

Interactive Pages

Splinter have provided an interactive means of promoting Edge Hill’s facilities and quality of provision:

We are hoping to increase the amount of video, audio, and interactive media on the site. Again, this will be part of the ongoing project.

Choice Part 1: The Big Brief

Corporate WebsiteToday we’re launching a brand new design for the Edge Hill University website, this marks the most significant revision of the corporate site since we gained University status.

Major developments of the website include a new ‘study’ area, some additional applications and functionality – search, news, events, and the eProspectus system has had a complete overhaul. In addition, the site has a new, fresh look and feel with redesigned navigation.

The redesign takes advantage of new features available to the current releases of web browsers (IE7, etc), but the site will still function on older machines (although some visual features may not perform as well). For example, if you have the older Internet Explorer v6, or JavaScript disabled in the browser, you may find that some of the graphics won’t have rounded corners – but all the content is still accessible.

The “Big Brief” commissioned Splinter to produce the paper Prospectus and a new design for the corporate website. This produced the “Choice” branding which I’m sure Roy will be talking about over the next few weeks.

As with any new deployment of this scale, there may be the odd teething problem and we’d ask colleagues to assist by reporting any content queries or updates to the Web Services Division, and any browser-related issues to the IT Services Helpdesk.

Over the next few posts we’ll be talking about some of the new developments we’ve made and what they’ll bring for users, for faculties and departments and for the institution, so keep checking back and find out what we’ve been doing for the last few months!

Please feel free to email your views, comments and feedback to or leave a comment right here!