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Google Site Search

We’ve just launched a new beta version of the corporate website site search engine which will in the coming weeks replace the existing site search. The new system is powered by Google Site Search – a version of the search engine that restricts results to a given set of pages. Currently it is available for […]

Google search results preview

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikenolan/5166463844/ Yesterday I noticed Google’s latest incremental feature on their search results page. It’s not long since they launched full results search as you type and now highlighting a search result pops up a thumbnail preview of the page. This means people will be able to judge the contents of a site before they even […]

Learning Something New Every Day

Today, I learnt about cononical linking.  Canonical linking is a way of letting search engines know that your content is accessible through multiple URLs, by publicly specifying the preferred URL of page content. This prevents Google penalising your site for having duplicate content. I first came across the possibility of  search engines penalising sites for duplicate […]

Create a better search engine than Google

The findings and opinions contained within this post are entirely mine and do not necessarily reflect those of Edge Hill University. The research and write up was done in my own time and is only posted here because it may be of interest to the HE community. At BarCamp Liverpool I gave a talk about […]

Twitter Part 3: Into the real world

After a short break from blogging while we finished off the redesigned website I’m back with the third and probably final part of my guide to Twitter. It’s a fast moving world and since the last post, Twitter have stopped delivery of SMS to UK mobiles: Let’s start with the bad news. Beginning today, Twitter […]

Twitter Part 2: Bringing order to chaos

Last time I covered getting started with Twitter, building your network of contacts and interacting with others. This time I’m going to discuss some ways to manage your Twitter subscriptions and discover tweets about topics you’re interested in. The easiest way to use Twitter is to login to the website to read and post messages. […]

Choice Part 6: Lucene in the sky with diamonds

Search is one of the key ways that visitors find what they’re looking for on our websites. A good search engine can quickly and acurately direct the user to the right place and make for a more efficient and productive experience. In the past we’ve used Novell’s QuickFinder search service to spider the site, supplemented […]