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Twitter Part 3: Into the real world

After a short break from blogging while we finished off the redesigned website I’m back with the third and probably final part of my guide to Twitter. It’s a fast moving world and since the last post, Twitter have stopped delivery of SMS to UK mobiles: Let’s start with the bad news. Beginning today, Twitter […]

Twitter Part 2: Bringing order to chaos

Last time I covered getting started with Twitter, building your network of contacts and interacting with others. This time I’m going to discuss some ways to manage your Twitter subscriptions and discover tweets about topics you’re interested in. The easiest way to use Twitter is to login to the website to read and post messages. […]

Twitter Part 1: What are you doing?

I’ve been threatening promising to blog again about Twitter. I’ve posted before introducing Twitter so this time I’ll go into a bit more detail about some uses that maybe aren’t immediately apparent. When I was writing this I thought I’ll ask my followers for a bit of help: Drafting a blog post about Twitter for […]