Video, Silverlight and jQuery

During our 25 days of blogging last year, Sam talked about some of the new websites designs that we've been working on.  The 125 website was the first to go live last month and today we have released the website accompanying the exhibition for a new sports development. For both sites we've developed some new ways of … Continue reading Video, Silverlight and jQuery

Aptana Outline Auto-Expansion Monkeyed!

You may have seen my last post Monkeying with my outline! where I apparently managed to get Aptana automatically expanding my outline whenever I viewed a new file in the editor. Well... it didn't quite go to plan. Long story short, the script only executed properly when it was loaded after editing in the script … Continue reading Aptana Outline Auto-Expansion Monkeyed!

Rose tinted json

Lately, we have been looking at providing a little automation to parts of the site which are less dynamic, by using some of the data serialisations that we create, with a sprinkling of javaScript magic.  Specifically we've looked at pulling Edge Hill event data, tagged with "rose theatre" into the Rose Theatre site. Currently events … Continue reading Rose tinted json

@media2007: Nate Koechley: High Performance Web Pages

This was a presentation for developers rather than designers so I was expecting a lot of information to go over my head, it did, but enough has stuck to write a short post. Nate Koechley is a Yahoo! frontend engineer and designer based in San Francisco. The bulk of his presentation was based around a … Continue reading @media2007: Nate Koechley: High Performance Web Pages