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Designing for information

Lately I’ve been thinking about how we design information. We spend a lot of time thinking about the design of the homepage, top level areas and Faculty and Department sites but when it comes to content, all too often it’s a copy-and-paste job from a Word document. The move to WordPress for many parts of […]

Bad URLs Part 4: Choose your future

So we’ve looked at examples of bad and good URLs, what the current situation is at Edge Hill, but what are we doing about it? Lots, you’ll be pleased to know! As part of the development work we’ve been doing for the new website design, I’ve been taking a long hard look at how our […]

Bad URLs Part 3: Confessions time

Over the last couple of posts I’ve been looking at URLs, good and bad. Now it’s time to examine what we do at Edge Hill and see how we fare! Most of our website is currently made up of static pages so it looks something like this: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/Faculties/Education/index.html Other areas of the site aren’t quite […]

Bad URLs Part 1: When URLs go bad

The humble URL is one of the most unloved things on the internet, yet without it there wouldn’t be a World Wide Web. For the less techie out there, URLs are web addresses such as http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/. The identify every web site, page, image and video on the internet and on the whole they’ve done a […]