GO Faster!

The Edge Hill GO portal has recently had a couple of little updates, both of which I hope will improve your usage of it.

Until recently whenever you logged into GO you where taken to your last used Tab at this address https://go.edgehill.ac.uk/. This was all well and good when the majority of people only had the one “Home” Tab.

GO Home Tab

A selection of people had also added their own custom tabs by clicking the old “New Tab” link, or now the “+” link at the end of the list of Tabs. But this behaviour wasn’t prevalent across the majority of users.

Performing Arts users have had their own Tab for a while now, and also recently Health students have had a Health Tab. Students have had the “Student Central” Tab for some time too now which contains a growing number of services.

GO Home - Student Central Tabs

Always going back to your last Tab on login meant an extra click to get back to Home. Or if you used a Tab regularly you couldn’t bookmark it’s address individually, or have multiple GO Tabs open at once in your browser. Since in my work for the Faculty of Health I will be driving them to make more and more use of GO and the services it provides I need a solution for this problem.

GO Tabs are now individually addressed in GO. This means your Home tab is always accessible at:


Other university provided Tabs are available at addresses such as:


With custom tabs that you’ve created being available at addresses like this:


This’ll hopefully help people get to where they want to go faster 🙂

Other news.. To also improve uptake of GO usage in the Faculty of Health I’ve spent a lot of time speeding up the page load times of GO. I think this is an important aspect because people just don’t use slow unresponsive systems. A few facts and figures.

Before my work a standard GO Home Tab took 2-3 seconds to load and made 34 database calls.

Since my work a standard GO Home Tab takes 0.5 seconds to load, makes 13 database calls, and uses a third less memory resources on the server, which makes for a much faster experience. (I hope at least one or two people noticed!)

Steve Daniels

Web Services Project Officer

Web Services are recruiting a new member of staff. We’re looking for someone to join our team to work with the Faculty of Health to create a system to link staff, students and external partners to aid communication and better manage information.

The first half of this twelve month contract will focus on planning and implementing an extranet so we’re particularly interested in people with experience of wikis, content or document management systems. Later in the year the successful applicant will be working on other projects for the Faculty to help improve communications.

You can find the full job description and person specification on the website but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on michael.nolan@edgehill.ac.uk or phone 01695 584195.

Vacancy: Web Services Project Officer

We’re looking for another web developer to join our team to work with the Faculty of Health to develop an extranet.

You can see full details on the jobs website but here’s a few more details:

The project will involve developing and implementing systems for managing information for use by staff, students and external partners. It will build on existing systems such as our GO portal and the developments we’re doing for the corporate website. The Faculty are fully behind the developments and are already working on evaluating the information they currently have which will let us get off to a running start in the new year.

At Edge Hill we try to develop innovative approaches to projects, are quick to adapt and flexible to changes which enable us to create the best websites we can.

Check out the job description for more information or if you have any questions about the role, please drop me a line – michael.nolan@edgehill.ac.uk.