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Crowdsourced holiday plans

I’m looking for help.  No, not that sort of help… or that sort… I’d like you, dear readers, to help plan my holiday.  While this might sound entirely selfish I will be using it as an experiment in crowdsourcing: delegating a task to a large diffuse group, usually without monetary compensation In this case definitely […]

New even tastier delicious.com

Some websites like Google become so ingrained in how you use the web that you almost forget they’re there. For me del.icio.us – the social bookmarking service – is one of those sites. Last week, after a very long wait, the brand new version was launched and it’s looking pretty good. The first change you’ll […]

Tag me

Tags are being used by more and more websites. They’re everywhere. Look at the top of this post, its been tagged (by me). Look to the sidebar, a tag cloud (more about these later). Chances are if you use any social networking site or web 2.0 site, you’ll have used, seen and interacted with tags. […]