Percona Live London 2013

Over the recent months I’ve been pushing myself to be more of a software engineer than a “coder”. To that end I’ve been investing my time heavily in a lot of things, and part of that is attending talks and conferences on interesting topics. So when I saw the tweet below, I jumped at the chance!

I earnestly entered and chance would have it, I won two tickets to Percona Live. The boss, Mike Nolan, graciously decided free was a good amount to spend on professional development. It probably didn’t hurt that I offered him the second ticket.

We unfortunately didn’t get to attend the well regarded Percona Live tutorials, something I was reminded of talking to other attendees when they mentioned quite how good they were. We did however try to attend different sessions on the conference schedule.

The keynotes were both informative and amusing, Mike hadn’t previously been aware of the animosity between Monty and Oracle, by the end of the keynotes he was. Nothing serious, just veiled digs!

Here’s the breakdown of my day:

Whilst I took notes in most of the talks covering tips, tricks, tweaks.. my biggest take home was from Luis Motta Campos‘ talk about MySQL, the ebay Classifieds Way. It was really interesting to see things we do (and have planned to do) at Edge Hill University, done on such a scale in a truly professional way. It both reinforced my plans for our own infrastructure and heavily added to my wishlist and roadmap!

Hopefully I’ll get some more time next week to do a more detailed break down of the individual talks. Or perhaps cover PHPNW 2013 or the Inviqa TDD Immersion day I did over the past couple of months!

Steve Daniels

Oracle Magazine

Time Magazine, the International Herald Tribune, the New York Times… these are just a few of the quality publications you might reasonably expect to find on a transatlantic flight. So imagine my excitement as I boarded the plane to find Oracle Magazine on the rack! On this eight hour flight I’ve spent literally minutes flicking through it reading about topics including:

  • One Console to Rule Them All: New features of Oracle Enterprise Manager improve the management of the entire Oracle stack.
  • See savings with Linux: Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle Unbreakable Linux support services and Oracle VM help save money, time, energy – and the planet. [they can cure the common cold too, so I hear]
  • Imunising code against SQL injection attack by using bind arguments.

From the letters page, Felix writes in:

I am a regular reader of your magazine, and indeed appreciate you and your team for your relentless effort in lifting information technology to greater heights. Still, I want to ask you to publish more about the application of HTML, PHP and JavaServer Pages to Web design and development.

1) Is this serious?! 2) I think Felix would be better served by a good book about web development than a corporate magazine!

Listed in the upcoming events section is eduWeb but sadly IWMW is missing… maybe next year we could submit details!