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Lessons in blogging

There’s been something of a hoo-ha in the blogging world about a new Google corporate blog that seemed to be critical of Michael Moore’s latest film, Sicko. The post doesn’t seem all that controversial to me, although I could see how people could read more into it, but the fuss over it has raised some […]

Core Services, come on down!

The observant might have noticed an extra link in the sidebar of the Web Services blog today. That’s right, Core Services have started a blog. Paul Cheeseman introduces his team and explains some of the things they’re up to in his first post. It should be an interesting read to keep up with the latest […]

About time too…

As we’ve spent the last couple of years talking about blogs, showing people how to use them and advocating their usefulness we thought it was about time we started our own! We’ll use this to keep people informed on our developments, our thoughts on technologies and how we can (and do) contribute to the effectiveness […]