WordPress MU 2.9.1

We've just upgraded to the latest version of WordPress MU - the system that powered blogs.edgehill.ac.uk. You can see that latest features in this video: http://wordpress.tv/2009/12/21/introducing-wordpress-2-9-%E2%80%93-carmen/ That video was embedded using one of the coolest new features in WordPress 2.9.1 - oEmbed. oEmbed is a way of websites sharing information about how content should be … Continue reading WordPress MU 2.9.1

Twitter Part 1: What are you doing?

I've been threatening promising to blog again about Twitter. I've posted before introducing Twitter so this time I'll go into a bit more detail about some uses that maybe aren't immediately apparent. When I was writing this I thought I'll ask my followers for a bit of help: Drafting a blog post about Twitter for … Continue reading Twitter Part 1: What are you doing?